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21 November 2014

Filey & Scarborough on Film.

I wasn't going to post this for a while (because my last post was photos too!!) but its SO dark here all the time now so I don't have chance to take and photos for new posts. Sucks working 9-5 in winter.

I love using expired film, the unpredictable photos you get are the reason I love to shoot with film. The problem with expired film is the ISO lowers the longer a film is expired, basically meaning your photos will be duller... which is a bit of a problem in England in October when I shot these. I generally get my film from eBay; I have no idea of its life before it gets into my hands so it may be lower than it would during its natural deterioration. This film was a ISO 200, and expired in 2006 so they're kind of dull. BUT I still really love how they came out.

I took these whilst on our log cabin trip. It was a really dull the two days we made the trip to the coast from the cabin, which kind of sucked. I regret not taking more photos, like I always do. I love boats and all the equipment that comes with them, and how the outside of sea-front shops look, but I hardly took any photos of them. I definitely need to go back; maybe when its a little brighter.

Camera: Olympus XA2 // Film: ISO 200, expired 2006.

15 November 2014

Outside on Film

These photos have no running theme, really. They're taken in Leeds and back at my parents in South Yorkshire over the space of a month(ish) but I'm so happy with how they came out I really wanted to share them. I carry my Olympus XA almost everywhere and I'm trying to get into the habit of taking photographs of anything that I like the look of. This batch is a pretty good example of that! I love taking photographs of trees (which you can see from this older post), the second portrait photo of the peeling bark tree is my probably a favourite of any photo I've ever taken. I really love the shadows in the one of Dixon throwing a ball for Eva and the flare on the Keep Out tree is amazing. Getting film developed will never not excite me.


Camera: Olympus XA // Film: Expired 2006, ISO 200.


13 November 2014

Shop Independent this Christmas

There are SO many benefits from shopping independently! Mainly you get a unique, lovingly made product and you support those amazing, creative, hard working people, directly. No chain store to take their 99%! If you choose a local independent store your money goes right back into your community. Which is pretty amazing! 

I've put together a must-visit list of some of my favourite independent shops to help you start your search for the perfect gift. I would really really love it if you dropped me a link of you favourites shops too!

Accid Wosh has some seriously beautiful tie-dye bits that your family and friends will seriously love. I'm a big fan of candles and these tie die candles are up there with the best. People seem to think that socks are crappy gifts, they're wrong! Socks are really really great gifts, especially those that are acid washed!

Mmmm... Guacamole. If you're looking for some awesome stocking fillers, check out Cous Cous Bang Bang. I'm a huge fan of a tote bag, and I absolutely love their Sex, Drugs & Guacamole design (even the colour!!). I'll be getting myself one of these real soooon. Also, Flat White?! So good!

Got a little person in your life? Then give Lemon and Magnolia a look. Her bloomers kill me, I've bought a pair for a little dude in my life already and they are the cutest. They're all stitched by one seriously talented lady who uses some of THE best fabric I've ever seen. The hardest thing is choosing.

For the writer in the family get over to Aubergine Fox. Their dipped twig pencils are amazing, I would love a set of those! And they have a super good selection of notebooks which pair together with the pencils beautifully. You can never have enough notebooks in my eyes.

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