25 March 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 73

Day 73// Spending the day in my new favourite room! Sewing sewing sewing.
 Day 74// Pulled 'pork' for Sunday dinner. Dixon is a genius.
 Day 75// Trying to draw Milhouse from Memory, my absolute favourite Simpson character.
 Day 76// Hanging out with some city pigeons. I love birds, but pigeons kind of scare me so I'm trying to be brave.
 Day 77// Dreaming of going to the college of Art and reading Mollie Makes!
 Day 78// Hanging out at the print fair, and exploring a new (to me) gallery.
 Day 79// Some finished pouches! Made from an old denim shirt. They're beautiful.

23 March 2015

The Hepworth Print Fair.

Recently I have really gotten into print-making! Textiles mainly but also lino cutting, stencils, stamp making and screen printing. I’m having an awesome time learning and playing around with different techniques. Sooo, when my friend decided to go to a print fair as part of her birthday trip I was extremely excited!

The print fair was in the Hepworth Gallery which is in Wakefield, a short train ride from Leeds. I’ve never been before and, seeing as one of my 2015 goals was to visit more galleries and museums, it was perfect. The Hepworth is in kind of a weird place, closely surrounded my busy roads but nestled on the river Calder where it is surprisingly tranquil. We went into this amazing warehouse room, separate from the main gallery, where the fair was held and it was packed with stalls!

I was secretly hoping to find some hand-printed fabric so I was kind of disappointed that the only fabric there was already made into things; cushions, bags, purses etc. But, there was a super wide range of stuff up for sale; beautiful framed prints, tea towels, totes (the best!), some zines, some candels, badges, notepads, cards. Some of favourite things were from Laura Slater who I’ve admired online for a while; she does these super simple abstract patterns which I really love! But I forgot to make a note of a lot of the names of the artists, which was pretty stupid.

The whole fair was great. It’s so nice to actually see things in real life rather than just on an online store. You really can’t appreciate how beautifully made things are without seeing them in the flesh. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes out for more like this, and hopefully I’ll actually buy something next time.

I absolutely loved this pop up 'window box' from Rachel Sim ^^

 vv Kind of sad I didn't get the 'Fight like a Girl' print! vv
vv How cute are the hanging birds! I didn't catch who made them anyone know!?


15 March 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 67 - 72

Day 67// On a work trip to Edinburgh for a couple of days. I stayed on a pretty nice street!
 Day 68// I never get to see Edinburgh when I'm here for work, so I left the hotel early and had breakfast under the castle.
 Day 69// Final day in my Edinburgh hotel and a full day of training. The smile is for the prospect of getting home.
Day 70// We've had these chillies for a while and I finally cracked them open, they smell unbelievable and were super tasty in a pasta sauce.
 Day 71// Friday, and one of my favourite beers. 
 Day 72// Playing around with natural dyes! I learnt so much doing this. Tie-dyeing is so much fun.

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