2 March 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 54 - 59

Day 54// I missed another day!! This project didn't even cross my mind... I can't even imagine what I did, but probably not much.

Day 55// Handing out with Friends, blankets and slippers.  
 Day 56// Making black bean and roast butternut squash burritos!
 Day 57// PIZZA. I'm not a huge fan of vegan cheese, but Tesco make a great one that I treat myself to occasionally.
 Day 58// I made myself a real craft room! I almost broke my back dragging a table up the stairs, it was worth it. 
 Day 59// Carving, hand stamping fabric and making zipper pouches! 

1 March 2015

See Ya February!

The birthday month, gone! The days are getting lighter already, flowers are making an appearance; Spring is ALMOST here. Which is suppper exciting. I'm going to plant a few herbs and a couple of vegetables soon. Marc will be the month of sewing; I'm going to spend as much time as I possibly can  making awesome stuff. And, if I'm ready, opening my own online store! EXCITING.

February started with a trip to Manchester for good coffee, okay food and Interpol. It was fun to get out of Leeds. I had a full week off work for my birthday! That week off was full of knitting and dog walking. I also went and helped out at a knitting class, which was so much fun. We made a trip to lancaster for Rorys first birthday and naming ceremony (how amazing does he look in his suit?!). I spent a lot of time fighting my way through piles of fabric, ordered a million zips. And we stocked up on okra! I made one of our spare rooms into a craft space annnnd spent a ton of time in the woods with the pup. It was a god month!


27 February 2015

Make It Happen

I don’t talk about it a lot but my day job gets me down quite a bit. I never ever imagined that I would be sat behind a desk 8 hours a day working for a pension and investment company... It is not me and it is not what I want to do. Growing up was 100% sure that I would be a vet, until I hit high school and  teachers started to tell me it was really really hard work, which stupidly (but obviously) discouraged me. I feel as though I’m wasting my life doing something that means nothing to me or to others, and that makes me feel pretty shit. I generally have a cry at Dixon every few months and he has said the same thing every single time; DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But I never did do anything about it; it all seemed unachievable and overwhelming.

Leeds is splitting at the seams with independent companies and super talented people. And I am also extremely lucky to have some of these awesome people in my life; Dixon is a screen printer, Kate is a film-editor and producer, Michael is starting a educational conservation business, Luke & Charlotte built Awesome Merchandise, Charys built The Pop-Up Booth, Harriet, Sam & Rosie are all unbelievable tattoo artists and Matty & James run a gig promoting business; Dirty Otter.

So, this time I am going to do something about it. I’ve had a proper think about it and plans are coming together! It’s extremely exciting. So, this hoop is a thank you to Dixon for his patience and smart words. And it is also for those who have inspired me and shown me that it is possible to do what you want to do! Whether this is being awesome in an office, in a classroom, for a bank, for a bar or for your own company. I'm going to stick this up on the wall of my brand new craft room (which I'm putting together this weekend!) as a reminder to myself that only I can make it happen.

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