13 May 2015

Stitch-Up: Pom Pom Bomb

Last weekend was the Leeds Arts Party! A day to celebrate and promote arts education. There were talks, a market and workshops. I went down to help out Stitch-Up for a day of pom pom making! All the yarn we used was donated, or cast off from producers who would have other wise just thrown it away. It was an awesome, colourful day! We got a whole load of different people coming and learning different techniques. Kids and adults were all super excited to see what their finished pom looked like. We had everyone attach their creations to a giant S U (for Stitch-up!) to make a pom-pom bomb! It looked amazing at the end. There weren't any that were anywhere near alike, everyone had some really cool ideas on what they wanted theirs to look like. A few people couldn't bring themselves to part with theirs, I don't blame them, they were all so good! I don't want to write too much because I think the photos tell it way better!

^ This was one of mine, it was supposed to be a koala. I think its more like a dog?

A poke-ball one of the girls made, so good! v

Stitch-Up is an awesome enterprise that aims to bring communities together and teach them the benefits of yarn crafts! You can find out more about them on twitter, instagram and Facebook

12 May 2015

My Favourite (Simple) Sewing Tools.

It’s taken me a while to get a good set of tools. I’m always reluctant to spend loads on fancy tools which I’m probably only going to use once, if I can figure a way around spending, I will. But there are some things I absolutely love and wouldn’t do without. They're not anything incredible special or revolutionary but holy crap they are useful! 

Seam Ripper - Firstly, the un-picker/seam-ripper. What I would do without you, I don’t know. Incredibly useful when you first start out and are still constantly sewing things together the wrong way or in the wrong place. It makes re-doing mistakes incredibly easy. But, it’s also really useful when adjusting clothes; unpicking serged hems is a total nightmare without an unpicker! I use mine to cut my thread at the end of sewing too. And, I think this one cost me 99p!

Sharp Massive Scissors - I always had a bit of a problem cutting fabric, and for a while I was using a rotary cutter which I got when I was playing around with patchwork quilts; rotary cutters are great but on a larger scale scissors are definitely the way to do. Accuracy is important when it comes to following patterns (particularly clothes). When pieces don’t fit together properly it can be a nightmare so I would definitely recommend getting your hands on some decent massive scissors and keep them sharp too! It’ll make your sewing-life a million times easier.

A selection of Fancy Pins - Okay, so practicality wise it doesn't totally matter what they look like but it’s useful to have a selection of pins; ones without any plastic on so you can iron over/around them without melting them, variation in sizes are super useful too. But my absolute favourite are my multi-coloured leaf ones! They’re supposed to be for dress making, I think, but they definitely make my sewing brighter, and because they’re so big I never miss pulling them out either.


2 May 2015

See Ya April.

This month has been BUSY. I have hardly had time to blog at all, or read blogs, which makes me sad (but excited to read a ton in one go). May is going to be the most exciting month! On the first I am going to open by Etsy shop! I am going to sew loads and (hopefully) enjoy the amazing weather that has been creeping up on us recently. 

This month we found a load of wild garlic in Sunderland, we made garlic bread and it as great! I spent a lot of time in my craft room! I started adding things to my wall and it looks amazing in there. I did a load of tie-dying. It was sunny! Dixon, me and Eva went to a beer garden and it was great. I bought new cacti from the market. I made some beautiful pouches from vintage fabric. Eva came back from a walk extremely wet and extremely smelly. I took a load of polaroids (which I'll share soon!). It was a friend from works wedding, they had a photobooth!! I went for the sailor hat, duh. My pile of zippers is looking pretty huge! The best new pins, so beautiful. Me and Kate had a crafternoon, we carved stamps and I taught her to sew a tote bag! 

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