16 April 2015

Top 5 in April

Absolute in love with these screen-printed envelopes, the colours and patterns are perfect! (via. Karolin Schnoor

This mushroom teatowel is too good to be used as a tea towel! (via. MirDinara)

Urg, this gold bangle!! I love everything about it. Maybe I'll treat myself next month!? (via. A Ways Away)

How unbelievably good is this tie-dye bed spread!? Its hand dyed too, no machine printed rubbish. (via. Accidwosh)

I don't own enough pins! This 'Not You' one is the absolute best! (Via. RoseHound)


14 April 2015

Easy Carved Eraser Stamp.

There are so many ways to print at home, but I think one of the easiest, cheapest and quickest way is to use rubber erasers! Okay, so you're limited a little by size; but they're perfect for little projects like adding detail to envelopes, photo albums, greeting cards. Or making a repeating pattern for fabric and wrapping paper! They last forever too, so you can store away until the next time you wan't to fancy something up.

I bought a whole pack of erasers from Staples ages ago, I think I got 12 for £2!? The two here are the last from that pack so I thought I'd share what I made! I always start by drawing my stamp design out with biro (pencil rubs off/is too light sometimes). I carve the straight lines first and work inwards (and away from myself and fingers!) using a lino cutter. Once I've finished carving I always play around on paper first to see how it looks. I use acrylic paint for paper or Dylon for fabric; applied with a paint-brush. The less paint the better. 

The first triangle shape worked perfectly as a repeated pattern; so good for wrapping paper! The second leafy one I made for the cover of my favourite photo album! I love the way it looks and once it's filled I'll make a stamp of the dates too. 

^^This is on some fabric that I dyed 

13 April 2015

Exploring in Sunderland.

Last weekend Dixon, Eva and Me went up to Sunderland to visit Dixons parents. Whilst we were there we went for a walk through the woods with all the pups. It was a kind of dull day, but it was soooo warm! The dogs had a swim and chased some sticks, and I got excited by all the plants that're ready to bloom. We found some wild garlic too! Dixon filled a whole bag and we made garlic bread with it that night, and roasted some veg with in the next day. It was tasted awesome! The floor was covered in mushrooms too, I haven't been able to identify these ones yet though?! The lads and dogs did some climbing! Eva was the best at it. And at the end we walked to the top of a huge hill which had an amazing view. It was a good day!

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