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28 November 2014

DIY Foldable Tote

I found some stats on the gov.uk website about plastic bags (yep, I am that dull) which are pretty shocking. I mean, I know they are bad but until you see the figures you don’t realise exactly how shitty they are. In 2013 8 billion single-use bags were given out by supermarkets in the UK. EIGHT BILLION. That’s about 57,000 tonnes of waste, FROM BAGS ALONE. It’s insane. Not only are they a huge non-bio-degradable waste problem, but single-use plastic bags are a nightmare for wildlife too. It’s impossible to get exact figures but they kill thousands and thousands of seabirds, seals, turtles and other sea mammals every single year. It’s so sad! And SO preventable.

Soo, I decided to sew myself a foldable tote that I can just throw in my bag and carry with me everywhere. I read a few tutorials but actually decided to design one myself and I’m so happy with it! I think you should give it a go too.

27 November 2014

Exploring Cruelty-Free #3

Choosing cruelty-free cleaning products gave me the perfect opportunity to choose things that are nice to the planet too. I had to read a lot to get my head around this one. Some companies seem to market themselves as cruelty-free and eco-friendly but looking a bit deeper they aren't. Or they aren't vegan. I tried to pick things in recyclable packaging. EthicalSuperstore.com helped me out loads with this one, their reviews and key-coding are amazing. 

Ditched: My kitchen cupboard was full of Proctor & Gamble! And a couple of Unilever things too. Really not good.

The Search: I was so surprised at just how easy this one was, or more so, how much choice I had! Asda has a little range of eco-friendly cleaners that aren't tested on animals. All of The Co-Operatives home branded things are cruelty free. As are Marks & Spencers, as are Morrisons, Tesco & Sainsbury's! Totally spoilt for choice, which is perfect for me because I'm definitely not the kind of person that has preferred brands when it comes to cleaning stuff. Being able to pick this stuff up in my supermarket is a huge bonus. I decided to try some non-home branded things for my first try so I nipped into my friendly local Out of this World and got a few things in Tesco too! Tesco stock the Ecover range which I was a bit confused about; loads of websites say they lost their certificates but BUAV tweeted me saying they're 100% leaping bunny approved. Thats good enough for me! 

Now Using: 
      - BioD - Laundry Liquid - I always go for non-bio and this was is super allergen free, which is amazing, but that mean it hardly has any smell at all so it needs to be teamed with something else to make your clothes smell clean. 
      - Earth Friendly Products - Parsley Plus - Dixon hates the way this smells. It smells like parsley, obviously! But, I love that it doesn't have that chemically smell. It works super well 
      - Ecover - Washing-Up Liquid - I got the Pomegranate & Lime one, and oh my god! It smells so  so good. Like, I wish it was a juice. Bubbles up and works really well.
      - Ecover - Fabric Softener - Again, smells super good. Works super well with the BioD Laundry Liquid. Its really well priced too.


As always, I dont care what other eat/drink/do. I have shared my experiences to help guide others who have the same way of thinking as me and give them the toolto make it easier. If you have any useful references yourself, let me know!

21 November 2014

Filey & Scarborough on Film.

I wasn't going to post this for a while (because my last post was photos too!!) but its SO dark here all the time now so I don't have chance to take and photos for new posts. Sucks working 9-5 in winter.

I love using expired film, the unpredictable photos you get are the reason I love to shoot with film. The problem with expired film is the ISO lowers the longer a film is expired, basically meaning your photos will be duller... which is a bit of a problem in England in October when I shot these. I generally get my film from eBay; I have no idea of its life before it gets into my hands so it may be lower than it would during its natural deterioration. This film was a ISO 200, and expired in 2006 so they're kind of dull. BUT I still really love how they came out.

I took these whilst on our log cabin trip. It was a really dull the two days we made the trip to the coast from the cabin, which kind of sucked. I regret not taking more photos, like I always do. I love boats and all the equipment that comes with them, and how the outside of sea-front shops look, but I hardly took any photos of them. I definitely need to go back; maybe when its a little brighter.

Camera: Olympus XA2 // Film: ISO 200, expired 2006.
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