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10 September 2014

Orange, Carrot, Lemon & Ginger Juice.

Everyone around me seems to be getting ill. The season is changing, Summer is slowly moving into Autumn and people can’t handle that. They’re getting sick. And I’m scared. When I was a teenager I was sick (seemingly) all the time; colds, sore throats which nearly always lead onto chest infections. It sucked. Over the last 5ish years I have only been ill a handful of times. Actually, it’s well over a year now since I was properly sick. Even then it was nothing major; a day of a sore throat I think? 

Although I'm not the healthiest person I always keep an eye on what I'm eating. And, after a few weekend of not being at home, having house-guests and celebrations my cupboards and fridge are looking neglected and my diet has not been fantastic. This, and the looming germs have got me thinking that it’s probably a really good time to top up my vitamin intake. And you should too!

For your winter-ready juice you'll need:

4 Oranges, peeled – Full of Vitamin C, 1 orange should cover your recommended daily allowance.
4 big Carrots – Carrots are an amazing course of Vitamin K which is great for your blood and bones.
1 Lemon, peeled – They have loads of Folic Acid in them, which is great for your blood. (+ a ton of Vitamin C)
Ginger to taste – The benefits of ginger are endless. Anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, it helps digestion and apparently its good for your lungs too! AND, it tastes amazing.

I always juice the toughest things first and the softest, on a lower setting, last. I am no expert though! Juice and enjoy right away, or refrigerate in an airtight swing top bottle over-night to have for breakfast (which is what we did!). But always always wash your juicer right away, its the absolute worst part and the longer you leave it the worst it'll get.


1 September 2014

See Ya August.

August was great. I can't remember the last time we had a prolonged 'summer' here, it was definitely enjoyed. I am really looking forward to Autumn thought. September is going to be a good month, my brother is getting married! I plan on doing lots of yoga and hopefully I can build up strength in my weakling arms. Picking a lot of fruit and making chutneys and jam.

This month I explored a new forest with Eva. The sun was out for a record time. We celebrated Dixons birthday! We finally made a trip to Bundobust; okra fries forever. I went to my first camping festival; Beacons! It rained. Both my trainers and wellies ended up with holes in. But it was amazing. I made a solo trip to Leeds market, I need to go there every week. I started sprouting some beans at home. I made raspberry chia jam. I started a 30 day yoga challenge! I had my hair styled for the first time ever. I also had my make up done, a dress fitting and went to a hen-party! We went apple picking too. Thanks August, you were pretty good!


31 August 2014

Foraging - Take 2

Last year I went on a foraging walk, and this weekend Dixon, Eva and me set out to go and find the apple trees I was shown back then! I could hardly remember where they were, we went wrong a few times. BUT, I actually learnt loads on the walk last year which meant I spotted a load of other things on the way so it totally didn't matter! I was SO happy with some of the things we found. Its still a little early in the year but we found rosemary, red clove, rose hips (that weren't ripe yet!), sea-buckthrone (which we tried, and regret not picking), a tonne of blackberries, mushrooms, horse-radish then, finally, a loooad of apples. The orchard was a lot more over-grown than it was last year, so we missed it a couple of times! Having a 6foot+ Dixon with you when you're fruit picking is definitely an advantage. 

I'll be sharing some recipes soon on what we did with our finds! Dixon really wants to make blackberry wine but it can take years to be ready to drink. We want to give cider a go too! I'm definitely going to make an apple sauce, blackberry jam and I've no idea what to do with the horseradish yet! But I'm sure I'll figure something out. Go nature!

^^ We didn't pick these because we weren't 100% sure what they were! ^^
^^ I spotted the Horseradish bush! And Dixon pulled out some of the root! ^^

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